Dazz Cleaners | Pre-Order
Dazz Cleaners | Pre-Order
Dazz Cleaners | Pre-Order
Dazz Cleaners | Pre-Order
Dazz Cleaners | Pre-Order


Dazz Cleaners | Pre-Order

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You might be thinking...why are you selling Dazz?

Dazz saves you money while helping the planet ...Reuse any spray bottle to turn our tablets into your household cleaning spray! We care about not only the planet but also your pet and your home. 

Lab-tested to work as well as leading household brands, without the nasty stuff. Vegan, child & pet safe, 99.9% natural ingredients, and cheaper than most cleaning sprays! Dazz is safe around your pets and helps you remove all those marks that your pets leave.

We love using the glass cleaner to spruce up our glass doors and windows after Kona's decorated it with her nose and paw prints! 

Save money and select the three-pack. Then, select your quantity of three of the three-pack (that's 9 total)! 

  • 100% Naturally Derived
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Family & Pet Safe
  • Compostable packaging
  • 100% Biodegradable

How to use:

Fill an empty spray bottle with water, drop in the refill tablet, and get cleaning!

Pro tip: Dissolve the tablet in warm water and wait 5+ minutes for the tablet to completely dissolve before attaching the spray nozzle. This will minimise pressure buildup/leakage.

Each Packet contains 1 tablet.


Pre-Order: We are still waiting on our Dazz stock. If you order a pre-order item, your whole order will be put on hold until your pre-ordered items can be fulfilled (it usually takes an additional 2+ days).