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goDog RinoPlay Flip Junior
goDog RinoPlay Flip Junior

Kona's Collective

goDog RinoPlay Flip Junior

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The Flip™ is a fun, chip-shaped toy that always lands with one side up so it is easy for dogs to carry! Like all Rhinoplay products, it’s made from PopFoam which is non-toxic to both animals and humans and unlike other foams has a minimal environmental impact during production. Light and super strong, the Flip floats, is extremely durable and dogs can happily chew into it without damaging their teeth. Perfect for chasing and playing fetch.

Worldwise Inc, the company behind the goDog Rhinoplay range is right up our alley. For almost 30 years their mission has been to make environmentally responsible products that pets love and that cost no more than conventional products. Worldwise products typically include recycled, reclaimed, renewable resources, or certified organic ingredients. They hope to change people's expectations about the look, feel, performance and price of environmentally responsible products. With the RhinoPlay range, Worldwise have partnered with the charity One World Play Project which promotes the power of play, and they donate to them a portion of the profit from every Rhinoplay product sold.


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